Become Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

  • Facilitate the transition from military to civilian life
  • Personal development outside the classroom
  • Continuing our service
  • Alumni networking potential
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Chance to mix with other campus organization

A Lifetime of Success

Omega Delta Sigma is a National Veterans Fraternity, founded as a way for veterans to come together, network and meet other veterans The transition from the military to civilian life can be considered difficult for most veterans. Service members returning home from their service all have accumulated much knowledge and a different cultural and social lifestyle that is often overlooked upon when adjusting back into the civilian sector. Upon transferring into the university environment, prior service members are often older and have different priorities. The national president of Omega Delta Sigma, Sam Smith, says “the challenge for veterans is to help their fellow classmates understand that, although they may not see immediate relevance in some activity/event participation, they can see a longer-range impact in areas of personal and professional development, relationship building, networking, and community building.” In the summer of 1999 a group of veterans discovered that it was difficult connecting with other veterans pursuing an education at the university. They wanted a way to all get together, but found out that they had a hard time relating to a traditional fraternity. Their military service had already established a strong mutual bond, instead they wanted to devise a way the brotherhood could carry over into their collegiate experience. It was that same year at the University of Florida, Omega Delta Sigma was founded. The second chapter was opened in the summer of 2008 at Florida Beta at St. Leo University. This event paved the way for Omega Delta Sigma to be recognized as the National Fraternity it is today. Since its founding, Omega Delta Sigma recognizes over 18 chapters across the United States. Towards the end of 2016 the Veterans Association at the University of Southern California made tremendous strides to bridge the gap between the cost of tuition with the use of the Yellow Ribbon Program, allowing more veterans to attend the university. In the fall semester of 2017 a group of veterans got together and discussed ways to give back to USC, find more veterans hidden among the student population and to establish a social organization to engage with the student body. In spring 2018 the California Beta Chapter, Omega Delta Sigma, was established at the University of Southern California. While at the University of Southern California the brothers of Omega Delta Sigma want to make the university the most veteran friendly college in the nation and the first private school in the country to be accepted into Greek Life. The chapter is set out to connect veterans with the student body, engage in philanthropy events and to help the local communities, giving proceeds to such organizations like the Support Our Troops, Toys for Tots, and Wounded Warriors Project. The brothers also hope to provide housing around campus for veterans allowing for an easier transition upon arrival to the university.

Creating A Legacy

This experience builds skills and relationships that last long after graduation. We find veterans who want to be the best at everything they do. In every measurable category for fraternities, ODS ranks among the best. We challenge members to be pillars of integrity and beacons of success on their campuses and within their communities. By finding and recruiting the most outstanding veterans on campus, we create the ideal fraternal experience.


Students enroll in college to get a quality education. The Fraternity places a strong emphasis on scholarship and on educating our members both inside and outside of the classroom. Through minimum GPA standards, mentor programs, and educational programming, members are equipped to excel academically.

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